Getting Dirty in the Grassroots!

This week we launch our blog series on local community engagement, called “Getting Dirty in the Grassroots”!  Students and interested professionals are invited to submit guest blogs here.

We just finished learning about how millenials can have an impact on the world. Check out the series here:

The Key is in Your Pocket
What Can I Do?  I’m Only 22.

This blog series aims to answer questions like: How do you define community?  What does giving back in your local community look like?  What are the best practices an individual can partake in to ensure growth in their community?  How can you make your community a better place for everyone who lives in it?

If you are interested in contributing for this blog series, check out the “Call for Guest Bloggers,” and email us at  Submissions should be sent in by April 15th.

Our first guest blog for this series will be published Friday March 28th.  Be sure to follow this blog by entering your email address on the right hand panel to see the rest of the posts over the coming weeks!


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