Call for Guest Bloggers!

Calling all students and young professionals!

Do you have any opinions that you wish you could publish on a blog? Do you have a keen interest in economic development, poverty alleviation, and microfinance? If so, we’re looking for you!

The Oikocredit CHiRP Force is starting a guest blogging platform on our CHiRP Force Blog. This will be an opportunity for college students and young professionals to have a forum to highlight their opinions, and well as allowing young adults to become more informed on these topics.

Right now we are finishing up our blog series “The Power of Millenials”, highlighting the importance of Millenials for the future of poverty alleviation and economic development.  But, we are also looking for new blogging talent!

Our next blog series will be called “Getting Dirty in the Grassroots”.  Our last topic focused on ways millenials can leverage technology and other tools to foster wide-reaching change and poverty penetration. Now we want to know what you’re doing on the ground in your own community to foster social change. How do you define community?  What does giving back in your local community look like?  What are the best practices an individual can partake in to ensure growth in their community?  How can you make your community a better place for everyone who lives in it?  These are the question that we strive to answer in this blog series.

The deadline for submissions will be March 31st!

If you are interested in blogging for us, or would like more information, please email us at

We look forward to some exciting contributions!


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